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Dino Frenzy Update [Dec. 27th, 2004|02:47 pm]
The Noah Riggs Fan Club


Dino Frenzy, the new exciting band which features your very own Noah Riggs on guiter, played their first show last night. It was a packed house of 10 all cramed in to Nick's bedroom. The show was pretty good, but Noah seemed a little nervous. He promises a better performance next time and he will probably deliver. The show probably lasted about 10 minutes, and Zach was too far away to get any instructions from Nathan. Still, it was an exciting moment and they amazingly sold some of their tapes. All and all, it was a sucess and Noah hopes to play again sometime in the near future, hopefully for 20 people or more!

Dino Frenzy glee club! dinofrenzy@gmail.com